Boulder Ridge Land Clearing and Excavation

provides comprehensive services for excavation, land clearing, and building materials for projects. We also provide foundation repair, replacement, and installation services. Contact us today to discuss your project and get a quote.

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Decades of experience

There are three words that define Boulder Ridge, Available, Efficient, and Timely. We have a team of qualified professionals ready to take your call and deliver the services you need promptly, so why not take the stress out of land clearing and excavation by using a team with dedicated tools and decades of experience? We are a friendly and efficient team ready to deliver on promises.

Our Services


Driveway Excavation
Parking Lot Construction
Gravel Road/Driveway Maintenance
Site Prep Excavation
Footer Excavation
Footer Drains
French Drains
Concrete Removal
Retaining Wall

Our Services

Land Clearing

Brush Mulching/Mowing
Fire Prevention
Tree/Stump Removal
Blackberry Mowing
Orchard Removal

Our Services

Foundation Repair

Helical Pilings
New Construction Foundation Stabilization
Footer Stabilization

Our Services

Dump Truck Services

Gravel / Rock Services
Topsoil Delivery
Land Debris Removal

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