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If you’re planning to build a new home, commercial building, or another large construction project, you must have as much input as possible. That’s why having an excavation team on staff is so helpful. 

The excavation team will be able to answer your questions about what kind of soil conditions the structure you’re planning should be built in can handle, if your street is large enough to support the building project, and any other concerns you might have. 

And by having an excavation team on-site during initial site surveys and final inspections of construction sites, they can also ensure that all of the test holes and trenches are dug with precision before any concrete foundation or steel frame is installed.

Our excavation team at Boulder Ridge also provides foundation repair services, as well as installation and replacement services.  So, if you have decided to take on a building project, our services might be perfect for you.

Our Excavation Services

At Boulder Ridge, we provide a variety of excavation services. These are carried out by our excavation team, each team member being a qualified professional, coming with a wealth of expertise in excavation.  Our services include:

Driveway Excavation: Our team will help improve the appearance of the exterior of your house by working on your driveway. We can level your driveway or improve its impression.

Parking Lot Construction: If you’re building a commercial property and are interested in constructing a parking lot, our team can level the ground, collect the permits required for construction and mark the pavement where the parking spaces will be.

Gravel Road and Driveway Maintenance: If you have a gravel driveway that needs to be maintained or fixed, we provide this service, evening out your road and driveway to improve how it looks and to make things easier on your vehicle when parking.

Site Prep Excavation: We can provide a full site excavation if you are looking to start building a property or another project that requires a lot of space.  Our team will clear away everything to provide you with a flat area to work on.

Footer Excavation: Our team carries out footer excavations, where we dig trenches for your footers that will support the foundations of your building.

Footer Drains Installation:  We install footer drains which carry excess water away from the property to protect your property from water damage.

Some other services that we provide include trenching – providing space to lay down essential parts like pipes and property foundations.  We also perform french drain excavation, and concrete removal and replacement for any broken concrete you would like to replace.  Finally, we can install retaining walls, which are made to stop excess soil from spilling over.


Having an excavation team on-site during construction is a huge help for those looking to undertake a building project. The team will be able to answer any questions you have about soil conditions, recommend the best way to proceed with the site, and make sure any issues with the building are avoided. Our excavation team at Boulder Ridge provides several different services that you might need when preparing to build your property.  Your excavation team can make a huge difference in the success of your project.


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